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In the past few months Mithras Technology has made remarkable progresses. From closing a financing round, hiring additional manpower to moving into new spaces – read about the latest news here.

Thanks to the engagement and support of one business angel, one foundation and one innovation fund, we have been able to successfully close our Seed-Round. These recently raised funds are already being brought to good use. We have been able to accelerate our product development, time to market and our business operations activities.

We are grateful for all the support we have gotten from all sides to get a big step closer to presenting our solution to the world.

Even now after passing this milestone, we have to keep in mind that the race is long. However, we are in great anticipation of what the future will bring. We are getting closer to entering a variety of markets for which our thermoelectric energy-harvesting technology is suitable for. Currently, we are working on two specific applications, one for the consumer market and one for medtech device market. We are eager to tell you more about our advancements in product development soon!

Welcome our newest team members

The Mithras tech department got a new head. Reinhard Müller-Siebert (left) is a brilliant practical physicist. “Turning an innovative idea into an accepted product is what drives and fascinates me.” Reinhard is a physics Ph.D., practicing researcher and developer in various technological fields, while having a special expertise in solid state physics and project management.

Oliver van Straaten (right), our newly hired intern will give 100% of manpower into supporting our marketing and business administration related activities. “If it doesn’t challenge you, then it won’t teach you either.” Highschool Alumni with further economic education and an affinity for marketing.

The creative minds behind Mithras Technology steadily increased in numbers over the course of the last two years. Since our venture is growing and our product development is accelerating we proudly welcome two new members to our team.

Meet our new board members

In addition to our two most recent hiring’s, we also reorganized our Board of Directors.

We warmly welcome Dr. Nico Tschanz and Gregor Stücheli!

Since Mithras Technology was a vision without physical matter, Dr. Nico Tschanz has been our appreciated advisor, and to our advantage he just recently became a board member with great believe in our technology and business case. With equal gratitude we are also proud to call Gregor Stücheli our new board member.

Dr. Nico Tschanz is head of the KMU Center Graubünden and lecturer for entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Sciences Chur. Having him in our team adds great value in our company building. We are thanking him for his engagement and trust.

Gregor Stücheli is an experienced founder and entrepreneur, his profound knowledge about business growth and expansion, which he gained during his successful build up of Inventx AG will be much appreciated in our board.

Our new setting

Since just a few months, the Technopark Graubünden in Landquart is welcoming new entrepreneurs, inventors and creators to its doorstep. The building complex is meant for tech-oriented start-ups to accelerate their journey into the market.

The founders of the Technopark are aiming to support startups in an innovative-friendly and accelerating environment. The potential synergies between the various minds on set works just fine, learning from each other is as feasible as it is desirable. Every day we are adding more of our own personal touch to the already very high standard office setting. However, the overall work environment that is presented exceeds the expectations of anyone who sets foot into our little silicon valley.

Since the beginning of march we are present at Technopark Graubünden.

The modern and well planned building acts as the homebase of Mithras Technology and three other highly innovative startups.

It is set directly at the centre of Landquart  and adjacent to the local train station and in short distance to the passing by highway. The location allows us to be easily accessible from multiple major cities in Switzerland.

If you’re nearby feel free to come visit us for a coffee, see you there!

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