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Producing energy where it’s needed.

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Our vision

The future of energy – produced where it’s used

Our technology has high potential in various fields. Besides the need of energy for everyday use such as for mobile devices, the Mithras Technology can also be used in non-civilian areas. Energy self-sufficient solutions for the use of remote electrical infrastructure is especially relevant in the field of defence, medicine or space flight

The next generation of clean energy.

The generators developed by Mithras (Thermoelectric generators – TEGs) are not limited to the human body but could be used wherever temperature differences and local electrical consumers exist. The vision of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 describes an exponentially increasing number of distributed sensor networks and communication nodes. Studies predict a global number of 20 billion networked sensors, devices and components to be in use as soon as 2020. One of the biggest hurdles in implementing this vision is supplying energy to each element. A power supply by cable or battery is only practicable for a small part of the consumers, who are spatially highly distributed. This will lead to an increasing interest in energy self-sufficient solutions and energy harvesting.

Temperature differences can be found everywhere in our environment and especially in technical systems. In fact, much of the energy produced by humanity is lost in the form of waste heat. Mithras‘ technology can use this free energy to power selfsufficient systems. This opens up an almost unlimited and dynamically growing market.

Our prototypes

Solutions for every situation

Mithras is currently developing two prototypes. Both of them seek to get the best results for your specific needs.

Our Bracelet

Designed for 24/7 energy harvesting and getting the most out of your body.

The Mithras Bracelet is a stand-alone solution for decentralized energy production from body heat. It can be worn comfortably around the wrist, similar to a watch, and is optimized for mobile device charging. The bracelet features an thermoelectric generator with a thermal interface to the skin and the body‘s environment. Due to the temperature difference between the skin and the air, the TEG charges a battery integrated in the bracelet. When the energy is needed, the bracelet can be connected with the respective mobile terminal, and thus transfer the body’s produced energy to the device.

A big advantage of gaining energy from body heat is that it is continuously produced. As long as the bracelet is worn, the integrated rechargeable battery will charge itself. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your mobile device’s battery, this is the solution for you.

Our Integrated Solution

You will not have to change your habits. Charge your device by touching it.

This integrated solution is not worn as a separate product by the consumer, but is stored directly in the mobile terminal such as a mobile phone, smartwatch or fitness tracker. The TEG is installed in the outer shell of the device and connected directly to the battery. If there are temperature differences between the device and the environment, the battery charges up. Such temperature differences can be achieved by contact with the body (e.g., a trouser pocket or holding it in your hand), or by an increased computing power from the device (such as gaming or charging at a power point).

It doesn’t matter whether the higher temperature is held by the device or its environment. Only the temperature difference is crucial. The advantage of this integrated solution is that it represents reduced efforts on the user’s behalf (no extra device, no external connections to recharge necessary). If you want to use your body’s power without any extra effort, this is the solution for you.

Our technology

Unleash your true potential

Our thermoelectric Technology converts heat directly into electricity. This unique selling point of thermoelectric energy production was first described by Thomas Seebeck in 1821. But Seebeck could not imagine where his idea would lead. Our technology explained:


The use of the body’s own heat goes beyond the concept of environmental friendliness. Users literally produce the energy they need themselves.


Your body never stops producing energy. No matter if you are working, going for a walk or sleeping. Your body will charge our generators 24/7 – over a lifetime.


You can produce energy wherever you are and wherever you need it. You no longer need to be in reach of a power point to charge your devices.

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