Steady Energy as a Potentially Health-enhancing Benefit

For most of us, keeping the lights on and our appliances working is a matter of convenience – if the power goes out, it’s an aggravation more than a worry. But for many who depend on energy-reliant medical devices, electricity outages are a deeply concerning matter, and could potentially result in a life-or-death situation.

Millions of people worldwide depend on battery-powered devices to keep them in good health, whether it be to continually monitor signs or provide necessary assistance for basic, life-sustaining functions. These individuals are very dependent on these machines and devices, and as a consequence, the forms of power on which these apparatuses rely.

These numbers will only continue to climb in future years, as the world is in the midst of a graying transition. The UN estimates that the number of people who are 60 and over is growing at a rate of 3 percent per year. By 2050, all regions of the world, with the exception of Africa, the 60-and-older crowd will account for 25% of all regions. The UN estimates this population to grow to 1.4 billion in 2030, and then 2.1 billion in 2050.

As people age, their health concerns multiply. As more and more people descend upon health care systems with age-related conditions, these hospital and health care networks will rely more heavily on point-of-care testing, a more direct and efficient way of diagnostic testing, which will free up doctors to test, diagnose, and treat conditions.

New energy forms are needed as we move into an aging era

We are moving into a new period where our health resources will be sorely tested, and efficiency will be paramount to meet the needs of all our populations, not just those in the 60-and-above bracket.

At Mithras Technology, we’re working hard to develop a new form of energy which will help doctors and health care professionals be able to treat the vast increase of middle-aged and elderly patients who will be needing their services. Point-of-care technologies which enable quicker diagnosis, and quicker access to treatment, will benefit enormously from the thermoelectric generating technology which we’re currently building.

By bottling the energy that is created by your body – and encapsulating the energy created as you live, breath, walk, and move – we are enabling a new approach to medical care, on a systemic level. By creating the means to continuously power diagnostic and medically sustaining technologies, we are enabling the growing number of elder individuals who will be needing additional care by cutting down their diagnostic wait times and treatment decision timelines.

But we will also be providing a service to the many health care professionals who will be inundated with exponential numbers of patients, and who will be searching for ways to handle their steadily increasing workloads.

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