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Your body is a powerplant. Let’s use it.

Mithras provides producers of wearables with the technology to use body heat as a power source to supply their devices.

Wearables Powered by your Body Heat.

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Supplying energy
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An innovative way of powering wearables.

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Everyday an adult body releases an average energy of 3 kWh.

That is sufficient energy to run an LCD-TV for 30h.

It is our vision to use this by-product of our bodies and bring its benefits to market. Every single device we know and use, depends on external sources of energy supply. Extended battery life or energy autonomy is always a convenience – and sometimes a lifesaver.
At Mithras, we have developed a revolutionary solution to increase the autonomy of battery-powered devices. Our technology will be able to introduce disruptive products in the market by meeting the local demand of energy for portable and wearable devices, both in health applications, health monitoring or treatment dispensers and in work and leisure applications. Not only will this technology increase the users convenience by achieving the fit-and-forget goal or provide continuous energy-supply for medical wearables without any interruption, moreover we aim to achieve this by using a completely clean source of energy.

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The Mithras Team

Our young, ambitious and dynamic team was able to bring together the necessary skillset to lead such a visionary project to success. The Mithras expertise ranges from the fields of thermoelectric and electrical engineering to leading a start-up or marketing.

Franco Membrini

Founder & CEO

Graduated in history and business administration, Franco is experienced in leading projects in an early-stage start-up phase. Franco founded Mithras in 2018. He did his bachelor’s degree at the Universities of Bern and Bologna and his master’s at the University of Edinburgh. After first experiences in leading an early stage start-up right after his studies, he founded Mithras Technology. Franco dedicated himself to putting Mithras’ futuristic vision, of using the human body as an energy source, into practice.
"What I find most intriguing about our case is the combination of a great market potential and the real opportunity to eliminate a pain point of so many users, especially in the medical device sector."

Reinhard Müller-Siebert, PhD

Head of Engineering

Physics Ph.D., practicing researcher and developer in various technological fields, while having a special expertise in solid state physics and project management. Reinhard Müller-Siebert was partaker in countless scientific and technological projects in various companies. Sustainability and progress are the key elements of his life’s work. His dedication to the realization of new and modern ideas is beyond compare.
"Turning an innovative idea into an accepted product is what drives and fascinates me."

Kevin Leuthardt

Venture Development Advisor

Experienced finance professional and start-up advisor with an expertise in launching and operating deep tech start-ups in highly demanding environments. Kevin supports Mithras in terms of fundarising, business development, strategy and venture development.
"Never give up, stay focused and you will move boundaries."

Moritz Thielen, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Physics Ph.D., passionate engineer and scientist with extensive experience in both, world-class research and in a wide range of industries. Additional to his studies at ETH Zurich, Moritz was also being educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the National University of Singapore and IMTEK. Moritz advises Mithras and supports us with his profound understanding and expertise in human body energy harvesting. He gained this knowledge during his PhD studies at ETH Zurich, completed in 2016.
"Converting cutting-edge technology into products."

Michele Magno, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Since 2020 Michele is leading the D-ITET centre for project-based learning. He received his masters and Ph.D. degrees in electronic engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy, in 2004 and 2010, respectively. He is working at ETH since 2013 and has become a visiting lecturer or professor in several universities, namely the University of Nice Sophia, France, Enssat Lannion, France, University of Bologna and Mid University Sweden.
"Bring your energy and I will make you fly."

Oliver van Straaten


Highschool Alumni with further economic education and an affinity for marketing. After two years communication jobs and economic studies, he recently joined Mithras to support our marketing acitivities.
"If it doesn’t challenge you, then it won’t teach you either."

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