Everything you need to know about Energy Tech

Building smart Energy Technology is our World’s best bet to suffice the increasing energy requirements without causing serious damage to our environment.

The rapid increase in global temperature is scary enough to wake up the World leaders & thinkers to invest heavily in finding renewable sources of energy. Burning of fossil fuels - coal & oil releases large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases which in turn are responsible for warming up of earth at an alarming rate.

Now, that’s where Energy Tech comes in. In simplest of terms, Energy Technology is the science of building high-yielding sustainable energy resources without harming the environment & humans.

Energy Tech is the need of the hour

It’s amazing to witness the vigor among the energy industry to develop technology that makes scalable renewable energy sources a reality.

Let’s be honest, with the spike in global economic growth, the energy demand is forever increasing & fossil fuels are not fit to meet these needs. That’s why finding alternate source of energy has become a necessity & not a choice.

Energy Tech aims to solve not only energy generation but smart ways of storing energy too. It encompasses everything from the study of algal biofuels to developing smart grids. While scientists are striding in finding alternate energy resources right from molten salt reactors to body heat, they do come with their specific set of challenges. And we at Mithras love racking our brains in solving these challenges &  finding new energy solutions that have zero emissions.

Unleashing the potential of Energy Tech

Generating energy through Body Heat has been a controversial topic in the Energy Industry for a long time but now it’s a reality - This truly reflects the power Energy Tech holds!

No one in their wildest dreams would have imagined that Body Heat could be a source of energy, let alone that it could be used to charge wearable devices.

Mithras Bracelets are inbuilt with TEGs, which convert your Body Heat into energy and stores in the form of batteries. So, whenever you are wearing the Mithras Bracelet (the classy design makes it a fashion statement) you are producing energy.

Not kidding - YOU can produce clean, efficient energy wherever it’s needed.

Future of Energy Tech

With mind-boggling advancements in realms of Energy Tech, the future is exciting. Everyone who is remotely at par with innovative technologies building out of the box energy solutions knows that the future lies in the convergence of energy with the latest technology to promote sustainability. The rising population of the world coupled with environmental challenges puts great pressure on researchers to make efficient and eco-friendly energy resources.

All said, Energy Tech is warming up and becoming scientifically viable in the present day but to realize their full potential as a mainstream source of energy is still a long way to go.

The journey of building one of a kind energy solution has been a roller-coaster ride for us at Mithras. The result has been equally rewarding and we are not stopping anytime soon.

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