Why Your Body Heat Is Worth a Lot

The question that remains in times of an upcoming energy crisis is how we can protect Earth from an unfathomable & haunting climate change urgency.


Why do we need alternative renewable sources of energy?

According to The International Energy Agency, nearly two thirds of the growth of all carbon emissions is due to power generation. The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions estimates that all the conventional energy sources- coal, nuclear, gas, wind, solar emit 72%– of all CO2 emissions. The CO2 emission in turn is responsible for an increase in the temperature of the earth which have disastrous consequences.

It is the need of the hour to invent renewable sources of energy that have both zero emissions & don’t dry up like the oil reserves. And the sooner EVERYONE comes on board with finding & investing in renewable sources of energy, the better!

How Body heat is winning the race amongst alternative sources of energy

Researchers across the globe are striving to find new energy resources & there has been some interesting development in the area. The alternative sources of energy like algal biofuel, body heat & green hydrogen gives us a ray of hope to hold onto.

The energy production through body heat has become a generation’s favorite! Really! Giving the millennials power to recharge their wearables through their own body heat and not relying on charging ports anymore is incomparable.

The environmentalists are also enthusiastic about body heat being one of the best energy resources for the future as it produces zero emissions while producing efficient energy.

The science behind energy harvesting through body heat

I hope I've been able to convince you that harnessing our body heat as a renewable source of energy is the next big thing. If yes, you’d be stirring up with the question - how is that possible?

It’s truly mind boggling to believe that our body heat can be a powerhouse of energy. Human body produces energy by movement and by heat. This energy can be harvested and converted to electrical energy using electromagnetic generators or triboelectric effects. In contrast to mechanical energy produced by movement which can be near zero when the body is static, the energy produced by body heat is a real renewable energy power as human body produces heat even while sleeping.

Now, these thermoelectric generators or TEGs convert our body heat or temperature differences into electrical energy. This is done by connecting one side of the generator thermally to the body and the other side to the environment. The resulting temperature difference drives the electrical current through a connected load. The electric energy produced is stored in a battery from where it is used by connected devices.

The next generation of smart energy

We at Mithras are proud to be the pioneers in developing the technology behind utilizing body heat in various fields. Already today, we are reaching our goal to make wearable electronics with low power consumption a reality.

But the use of body heat is beyond the realm of only providing energy for mobile devices & wearables. Soon enough, our vision is to create self-sufficient energy solutions relevant in the field of defense, medicine or space flight.

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