We are pleased to announce the formation of our new advisory board, which will assist us in scaling our business and making savvy business decisions as we look to expand our reach and spread our technology into new sectors.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Nico Tschanz, Swiss Member of Parliament Martin Candinas and Gian Andri Diem.


Name: Dr. Nico Tschanz

Occupation: Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Chur, Head of KMU-Zentrum Graubünden

Expertise: Nico Tschanz graduated in business administration at the University of St. Gallen HSG. He did his doctorate in a joint programe with the University of Texas at Austin under the title: «The Electronic Commerce Business Model: a holistic Approach to Business Model Design with special Attention to the Service Industry.» After his studies, Dr. Tschanz worked for various Swiss companies, focusing on innovation and emerging technologies. His extensive experience as a start-up coach is of particular value for Mithras Technology.

Quote: “Mithras is optimising and enhancing promising technologies with a global market potential.”


Name: Martin Candinas

Occupation: Member of Swiss National Council

Expertise: Martin Candinas is a Member of the Swiss National Council for the Christian Democratic People’s Party (CVP). With numerous mandates, political activities and membership in various boards, he is highly connected in the Grisons as well as in Switzerland. We are very happy to count on his support and strategic advice.

Quote: “Ideas, courage, spirit of innovation, new technologies and entrepreneurship. We hear these terms on a daily basis. Franco Membrini and his team seek to successfully combine all of this in their project. They had a great idea, and are now working to implement it courageously. This is real entrepreneurial action – and all of this in the Grisons!”


Name: Gian Andri Diem

Occupation: Co-Founder and Executive Partner at dhp Technology AG

Expertise: Gian Andri Diem graduated from the University of St. Gallen HSG in business administration. Right after his studies, he got into energy trading business and led several projects for Swiss energy suppliers concerning trade, production and sales. In 2015 he founded his own energy start-up dhp Technology, which builds the world’s first solar folding roof. We are proud to welcome this distinguished energy entrepreneur in our board.

Quote: “Hightech start-ups can also be succesfull in peripheral regions like the Grisons – Franco Membrini and his team demonstrate this with a technology, which could contribute effectively to circular economy.”


Our advisory board will be helping to guide Mithras Technology through various stages of growth, and provide wisdom and advice in each stage of its development. We are looking forward to receiving this counsel, as well for any assistance in networking and connecting Mithras Technology with valuable sources of information and support. Many thanks to our advisors!