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You‘ve been in this situation before. Your mobile phone is running out of battery while you still want to use it. Or your battery capacity is so low, you need to charge your phone twice a day. The problem is: The energy you consume is not produced where you need it. With you.


Dating back to late 2017, the Mithras Team sought to find a solution to this problem. Should batteries be made bigger and bigger? Or should we try to find a fully new approach to mobile energy consumption? Well, certainly, a battery with a capacity that could power your device for a week wouldn‘t be too bad. However, no battery, no matter how long it lasts, can compete with a self-sufficient way to power your device. While you’re travelling, working, going out or excercising, you always have a great power plant around. You!

Mithras is developing generators that will harvest your body‘s energy and convert it into usable electricity whenever you need it.

We are a small startup company based in Switzerland, founded in November 2018. Nevertheless, we have a huge ambition: Taking clean, decentralised energy production to the next generation. Imagine the impact of humans producing their own energy by themselves. Not from expensive and inconvenient solar modules or wind farms, but from their own body.

Although Mithras was founded recently, we could already work on the prototyping of our planned products, as well as engage the most qualified engineers in the field of thermoelectric energy harvesting.

But still, we are reliant on your support! Help us to reach the next level of clean energy by subscribing to our newsletter, liking our pages on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or spreading the message by sharing or just telling a friend about it.

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